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Soundmondo Issue

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I'm trying to download some new sounds or performances from the Soundmondo app, but I'm having a problem to download and save the sounds into my MODX

I'm using the latest version of Chrome and my MODX is updated to the 2.00.1 version, the Yamaha Steinberg USB driver on my PC is the 1.10.4
the MODX is the only USB device connected to my PC and the connection seems to be fine because I can see the MODX as sound device on my computer
MODX is set to use USB as MIDI IN/OUT and Receive Bulk is set on : ON and not on Protect

Ok, I will try to describe what I do step by step:
On the top of the Soundmondo page the small circle is Green and it says : "Connected" then I click on the Browser tab and I select a sound. After clicking on the desired sound a new page opens and then I click on the SYNC button, finally opens a last page where I can see stuff like Voice Title / Voice Description /Tags / Soundcloud URL - YouTube URL - Related URL, Accessibility Pubblic or Private. Ok, after choosing for example the "public" option I click on the SAVE button but nothing happens!! why? Nothing happens on either the MODX or the webpage
How can I save it to my MODX?

Please help me,

Posted : 18/12/2019 3:27 pm
Bad Mister
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Once you Browse for a sound and click on it to select it... the front panel of the MODX appears with the description by the author.

Click on SYNC. The selected program is bulked to your instrument.

At this time you should be playing the sound that has been transferred to your MODX. You have completed the task of transferring the sound you have selected to your MODX. It is in the instrument’s Edit Buffer. This means it has not overwritten anything in your instrument yet, it is available for you to play, explore, edit if you so desire.

If you wish to keep this sound, press the [STORE] button on the MODX and direct it to one of your on board memory locations.
If you do not wish to keep this sound, simply change your selection on the MODX and it will disappear.

If you don’t want to keep the sound in your MODX but wish to store it on your computer, then on your computer click SAVE (mark “Private” ) this will keep it in your Soundmondo area on your local computer.

If you make what you think are improvements that you wish to share with others, give your new version a NAME, and add a description about what you’ve changed and perhaps why you see this as an improvement. We also encourage users to create a SoundCloud or YouTube video of yourself performing your creation.

DO NOT just repost someone else’s program by clicking SAVE PUBLIC — you will be taking credit for their work (how rude). If you did not make any improvements that you want to share, don’t Save as PUBLIC. Many do this by mistake because they don’t realize that when you click SYNC, the data you requested is immediately transferred via MIDI BULK DUMP to your hardware MODX. At that point, look away from the computer, PLAY the program on the MODX...

You only need to deal with the computer again if you want to SAVE on your computer for later (PRIVATE).
Click on the gear to the right of the SEARCH field (top right) in order to view your PRIVATE collection (and all the items you’ve shared).

When it does not respond, look for error messages (red x), solve the error... you may see that you are attempting to load or run an unidentified/unknown script (which to your computer, the bulk dump might very well appear that way)... click on the error icon and “Allow”.


Hope that helps...

You say nothing happens... but when you click SAVE and have the target set to PUBLIC, you are reposting the sound you just downloaded (I can see you have reposted many just recently... unfortunately, Hybrid Dancer and Blue Sky, get *reposted*, by mistake, almost daily!)

Now that you know, it only looks like nothing happens, you are actually re-posting what you just sent to your MODX, only now, you have falsely taken credit for creating that sound. You did so by making what you are looking at PUBLIC. Just today, User “No Name” has been re-posting sounds randomly! Which I guess is testament to how many new people are using it, but also indicates we need to improve the user interface...

Posted : 18/12/2019 3:43 pm

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