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Automated Fade Out via MS Questions

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Upload your broken Performance to Soundmondo and someone will fix it and let you know what changed.

I'm guessing after the MS. completes the MS is left still offsetting volume and is not being compensated for. Could be something else.

Posted : 05/08/2023 2:55 pm
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Didn't I write, that I allways activate every "memory..." in the scenes-menue!?

Yes you did

And didn't I write this?

Ok - but turning a memory switch ON just means it will save WHATEVER values those parameters have.

If you want different scenes to have DIFFERENT starting values then you have to select each scene and change ALL of the values to the starting value you want them to have.

Just turning the switches on isn't enough. You also have to set the values you want to be different.

You are making it hard to help you because:

1. you won't answer our questions
2. you won't provide the info we ask for

You haven't provided ANY info about how you configured your motion sequence
1. What is the value of the Key On Reset parameter?
2. What is the value of the Loop parameter?
As Bad Mister once said:

A Motion Sequence set to Loop On, once started runs does not have a Stop button, per se; you
can stop it by toggling the Master MS On/Off.

3. What other parameters did you set? what are their values?

You haven't told us if you tried the simple example I provided and got the same results I did

You haven't posted the links to the videos you said you watched that I ask you to post.

Go back to my earlier reply and you will see I said this:

What 'instructional video' are you referring to? Post a link so we can check it out and see what you refer to.

When you start a sequence running it continues to run until SOMETHING tells it to stop.

When you configure a scene you can configure which motion sequence you want each scene to use. If the scene you switch to uses the same sequence that is already running then it will keep running.

Posted : 05/08/2023 5:06 pm
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