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M - confirmed - you can now store performances with a preferred part pre-selected

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Previous models would always load a performance at the performance home level. A wish-list item was to be able to load a performance and have a preferred part selected automatically.

That has been added. If there is a part selected at the time you store a performance then when you load the performance later that same part will also be selected.
This works for all parts 1-16.

One view of the home screen (p 118 of the op manual) shows the 16 parts in 4 bands: 1-4, 5-8, 9-12, 13-16 with a brignt spot if the part is occupied.
Whatever home view you are using at the time you 'store' the performance is the view that will be loaded again.

I haven't checked all combinations of 'current display' but for the ones I tested the performance home screen (whichever view of it was current at 'store' time) will again be displayed even if you the current display is NOT the performance home.

So the view of the performance home screen, along with any 'selected' part appears to be persistent across both display changes and store/load operations.

The main possible 'gotcha' is that for M a single part may be selected when you load a performance but for previous models perfs would ALWAYS load to the performance home with NO part selected.

Just something to be aware of.

Posted : 15/10/2023 10:00 pm
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It's good that this was added. It's a step in the right direction. Was also hoping scenes could pick which Performance to select so say Scene 1 always selects Part 9 while Scene 2 selects Part 10.

Still, nice to see this is getting some form of traction.

Posted : 15/10/2023 11:09 pm
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This is a nice one! IIRC, this was a big issue when using a Performance with an External zone, where you wanted the knobs to affect your external sound. You couldn't simply call the Performance up from a Live Set page and have it work, you'd have to call up the Performance, click the button to go to its Home page, and then tap on the screen to activate its Part, before it would work. (At least on the MODX. Maybe it could be done more efficiently on the Montage with all of its additional direct access buttons?)

Posted : 16/10/2023 1:57 am
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You couldn't simply call the Performance up from a Live Set page and have it work

Since it works for a performance and a Live Set is just a link to the performance it probably didn't need testing. But I just did a quick test to confirm it works per your description and it does.

I totally forgot about the use case you described. You can do the above and then a quick hit of the Performance Home button unselects the part and you are back in business as usual.

Posted : 16/10/2023 2:19 am

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