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Soundmondo for MONTAGE announced

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HI is there anyway to speedup the sync transmit from Soundmondo to montage? Also is there any future plans to be able to sync a performance without clicking it first and pulling up the larger details. Sort of a more rapid fire way to try them out?

Live long enough, there will be a way to speed up the sync Transmit ... but for now this is much faster than traveling the thousands of miles that your data does on its journey to and from Soundmondo, ha, ha... rapid try out kind of defeats the purpose of the community thing. Meet the individual that programmed it - spend a few moments getting to know what they thought about their sound. As with the reface Soundmondo community, many folks are shy... but you can link your SoundCloud Account, you can link to videos of you playing your creation. Really good sounds might require an explanation... some might require a musical example, or even better a video.

It’s what the community wants to make of it. If all you are after is quickly grabbing other folks work, giving no feedback, not interacting... that’s probably cool too... but why not just wait for the community to build up favorites, then you can just download those. Or wait until some other participant puts together a “best of... “ Bank. But I say slow down, and explore, meet the programmer’s... take your time. Link to your own music where you use the MONTAGE sound you posted!

Right now, many people are just browsing and then wind up reposting what they just sync’d (downloaded)... yikes... that stops as you learn to use the tool. It might be a bad decision to have it go to the “post” screen immediately after having sync’d (that doesn’t seem right to me). I see the same sound credited to a half dozen different people. Yikes! (I think people are reposting thinking they are saving)!

Your feedback is appreciated... this is all new so bare with the growing pains.

Btw - the faster your internet, the faster this all happens. It (speed) becomes a complete non-issue on fast internet setups.

Posted : 09/05/2018 11:39 pm
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Hello BM - I hear you and get what you say. My problem is that my experiments are entirely aimed at playable sounds for conventional music, so 'avant garde' stuff like slow attack and evolving timbres pass me by (although I know I can change things, and sometimes do). I am surprised at how little traffic there seems to be on Soundmondo - early days perhaps. Certainly a fascinating concept and a 'go to' place.

I'm not sure what happens with discarded sounds though - I thought that double-tapping the 'Back' button automatically deleted the current sound in readiness for selecting the next. If that is not the case, how are discarded sounds treated? I notice that the Montage always starts the 'Sync' sequence with 'Transmitting Bulk Data' - what is it transmitting? I vaguely thought the previous (discarded) sound, but that doesn't make much sense when you think about it - it's only a copy in the first place. Isn't it?

Posted : 11/05/2018 7:07 pm
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