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Question about vibrato/chorus on the reface yc

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Yesterday i was received my brand new reface yc. It's a wonderfull instrument,i really love it!
This is my first hardware organ,my only previous organ experience is with the galilleo app on my ipad.

So here's my question:

I can only hear a very subtle difference between chorus and vibrato. Chorus seems abit more modulated giving just a tiny faster effect.
It seems so close together that it hardly justifies having both effects.

Am i missing something obvious? I watched every video available on you tube,but no one tak s the time to show the difference between chorus and vibrato.

Maybe i am kidding myself that i hear a difference and my reface has a defect?

Or maybe you agree with me,and this is something that can be fixed in an update.

I'm looking forward to your answer.

Thanks in advance

All the best,


Posted : 23/09/2015 9:04 am
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The vibrato and chorus on a classic tone wheel organ are not really like other vibrato and chorus effect... but a system that was developed for the classic tone wheel organ when no rotary speaker was available. They had a fixed frequency of about 7Hz (cycles per second)... the "chorus" actually is the result of combining the "vibrato" signal with a straight "dry" signal - the slight delay between the two is what gave a slight chorusing effect - but these are not the standard Chorus processing you might find as a stomp box - but the vibrato and straight signal combined. It is very subtle and very understated on the reface YC _ we recognize that many are thinking it is "too" subtle. (Sometimes accuracy to the original is not best) - there may indeed be some kind of change in an OS (it has been discussed) - if there is, you will hear about it here first!

Nothing is wrong with your reface YC, this has been noted _ we'll let you know.

Posted : 23/09/2015 10:21 pm
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Phil has spoken. The mechanically scanned phase shifter on the tone wheel "H" that have the single scanner are locked to the synchronous motor that drives the tone wheel generators. The chorus sounds a little fast to my ears of the combined sine wave vibrato and straight tones. I have worked and played on "H" organs since the 60's and it does not sound quite right to my ears if they are trying to emulate the C3 setting on the selective vibrato organs.

This was one of the first things I tried out on the YC (I own a DX and CP reface) and it did not get the specific effect I prefer. Of course this is subjective as a lot of "H" organs have more crosstalk and a slight high end boost when the C1/2/3 vibrato is selected. Additionally, it can vary somewhat among "H" organs as well so i am sure some compromise was chosen.

The vibrato depth can be varied by a MIDI parameter change, so maybe in a future firmware update the speed could be also?

The DC keying transient is also another variable among "H" organs, and for some styles (Jimmy McGriff) it would be nice to have some more "spit" on the "H" emulation even if that were a hidden power up option or MIDI parameter option. I think 2 bit resolution on the DC keying transient amount would be enough like the vibrato depth option is configured with.

The reface series are really stellar sounding and there is a little room for tweaking up the YC IMHO.

No need to digress to subjective preferences here Phil, just giving you my feedback as an olde "H" player who has hauled them up and down stairs and listened to everybody bitch about it for decades! 😉


Posted : 24/09/2015 2:03 pm
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Thanks for the clarificarion!

I'm glad there's nothing wrong with my reface and my ears.

And thank you Craig for pointing out that vibrato depth can be controlled by midi. I'll hook it up to my Ipad one of these days.

I'll write about my thoughts on the yc soon,for now i'm too busy playing.

Thanks again both!


Posted : 25/09/2015 7:57 am
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Hey Phil did an update ever occur that effects the chorus? I just got a YC and had the same question as the OP. Also, I'm curious how to check what version of software the organ is running? When I change the rotary speed toggle switch up when it's on fast, it changes to slow, I assume this indicates the software is the latest version, is that correct?


Posted : 25/01/2018 12:37 am

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