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[Solved] How to properly connect mobile device to YC Input?

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I often connect my (Samsung) smartphone to the YC Input for playing along music. For this, I plug a USB C to 3,5 mm female jack adapter in my phone, in which I plug a 3,5 mm jack cable. The other side of the jack cable goes into 3,5 female to 6,35 mm male converter, which I plug into the YC Input.

This all works, but - even after having replaced all elements of this set-up - I keep on having noises and sound drop outs when the YC moves slightly. I would think that a direct connection from USB C to 6,35 mm jack would be the solution, but the only one that I found also gets many complaints.

Can someone share a solution for connecting a mobile device to the YC's Input that works without any problems?

Many thanks!

Posted : 25/09/2023 9:31 am

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