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Seamless Sound Switching - Not Sustain

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YC61 has a flaw which makes it mostly unsuitable for my use in a church setting. The problem lies in a limitation of the "Seamless Sound Switching” feature.
When changing Live Sets while holding the sustain pedal down, the newly selected Live Set does not recognize that the sustain pedal is down. To get sustain on the new Live Set you have to release the sustain pedal (cutting the prior Live Set) and then depress it again. This often leads to an awkward, less than seamless, transition between sounds.
I have 2 instruments with similar layout of organ+piano+synth. I have an expensive Nord and a cheap Roland VR-09. Both of those honor the sustain pedal position when switching sounds. I wish the YC would do the same.
Posted : 13/04/2024 6:38 am
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Suggestions/requests are better addressed through ideascale. In fact, this has already been requested at least for the CP and Montage/MODX, you might want to upvote those, and/or add another request in their YC section.

The existing behavior can also actually be useful (allowing you to play a new non-sustaining sound over a previously played held sound), but that should really be implemented as sostenuto, not sustain. So it would be nice to have the behavior switchable, and/or be able to assign one pedal to one function and one to the other.

Anyway, here are the links to the existing requests I mentioned:

Posted : 13/04/2024 1:18 pm

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