By: Blake Angelos

FM Synthesis: The history behind it, how it works and how to make it work for you.

The FM 101 Article Series is a great way to learn about FM Synthesis. Each part unfolds FM Synthesis in an informative and easy to follow manner. 

The series kicks off with Jerry Kovarsky’s interview of the legendary discoverer of digial FM Synthesis, composer and Stanford professor John Chowning.

Part One: Discovery Digital FM: John Chowning Remembers

Parts two through six of the series are by Howard Massey. Howard literally wrote the book on FM Synthesis with his 1986 classic “The Complete DX7”. Each article contains audio examples and Performances for MONTAGE and MODX downloadable free from Soundmondo. 

Part Two: The Basics

Part Three: The Magic of Modulation

Part Four: Going from Static to Dynamic

Part Five: Expanding Your Sound

Part Six: Complex Systems

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