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Mastering MODX Article Series

The Mastering MODX Article Series for Owners of the MODX Music Synthesizer!
The Mastering MODX Article Series will help you get the most from your MODX Music Synthesizer! From basic navigation to computer connectivity, in-depth Super Knob programming to the secrets of FM-X, this series will get you to MODX enlightenment! Check out the articles below:

MODX Navigation, Category Search and Live Set

Mastering MODX: The Basics
Mastering MODX: Using Category Search
Mastering MODX: Navigation Tips
Mastering MODX: Performance Basics I
Mastering MODX: Performance Basics II and the Live Set

Using MODX with a DAW

Mastering MODX: MIDI Record on DAW
Mastering MODX: Audio Record on DAW I
Mastering MODX: Audio Record on DAW II
Mastering MODX: Arp Record on DAW

MODX Control

Mastering MODX: Rhythm Pattern
Mastering MODX: Side Chain Modulation
Mastering MODX: The Envelope Follower 
Mastering MODX: Assignable Knobs 
Mastering MODX: Controller Box Switches
Mastering MODX: Motion Sequences
Mastering MODX: AS1 and AS2

Super Knob Programming

Mastering MODX: Super Knob Common
Mastering MODX: Super Knob Unipolar (Positive and Negative Values)
Mastering MODX: Super Knob Bipolar -/+
Mastering MODX: Super Knob Morph
Mastering MODX: Super Knob Complex
Mastering MODX: Super Knob Values

FM-X Explorations (Beginner/Intermediate Level)

Mastering MODX: An FM-X Exploration Part I
Mastering MODX: An FM-X Exploration Part II 
Mastering MODX: An FM-X Exploration Part III 
Mastering MODX: An FM-X Exploration Part IV 

Manny's FM-Xpert Series: Sound Sharing and Sounds (Intermediate/Advanced Level)

Manny's FM-Xoert #1: "Acoustic Eccentricities and Stuff"
Manny's FM-Xpert #2: "I'm Fixing a Hole Where the Timbre is Thin..."
Manny's FM-Xpert #3: "It's Just a Phase, Man."
Manny's FM-Xpert #4: "The Envelope(s), Please"
Manny's FM-Xpert #5: “Everybody’s Doin’ the Knob-O-Motion”

Soundmondo for MODX
YamahaMusicSoft (MODX is compatible with MONTAGE Libraries)

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