Tech Talk: Camelot Pro

We started a new series on Apps with Camelot Pro!

Mastering YC: The Organ Section

A closer look at the new Organ Section and Rotary Speaker in the YC61 Stage Keyboard.

Behind the Synth: Dan Rouse Chat

This week Nate and Blake chat with Yamaha Aritst Dan Rouse.

Music Production Guide: MODX OS v2.5 DAW Remote

The latest Music Production Guide focuses on this new MODX feature.

Behind the Synth: Nicholas Semrad Chat

Blake and Nate chat with keyboardist, Nicholas Semrad.

SynthBits: Dom Sigalas FM Synthesis Mega Tutorial

Dom Sigalas is back with an all-new FM Synthesis tutorial!

Tech Talk: YC61 MIDI Connectivity

Check out the YC61 MIDI Connectivity episode of Tech Talk Live. 

Tech Talk: YC61 Splits and Layers

We discussed Splits and Layers on the last episode of Tech Talk Live. 

Mastering YC: Connecting External Keyboards

Expand Your Keyboard Landscape.

Tech Talk: YC61 Keys Section

The Tech Talk Replay of July 28 we checked out the YC61 Keys Section.

Behind the Synth: Bro Paul Brown Chat

This week's Behind the Synth features the great Bro Paul Brown!

SynthBits: YC61 Review by Featherlight Studios

Check out this comprehensive review of the YC61 Stage Keyboard from Featherlight Studios.

Tech Talk: YC61 Organ Section

Tech Talk Live replay on the Yamaha YC61 Stage Keyboard Organ Section

Tech Talk: MODX DAW Remote

The new DAW remote feature in MODX OS v2.5 was the subject of the July 14 Tech Talk Live

Behind the Synth: Ben Israel SynthChat

Blake and Nate chat with Content, R&D manager, Ben Israel.

MONTAGE/MODX SynthTips: Fix a Mistake During Pattern Recording

Check out this easy way to erase and fix a mistake when recording a Pattern.

Mastering MONTAGE: Using MONTAGE Connect to Import Performance Patterns

Import Pattern Scenes into your DAW with MONTAGE Connect.

Tech Talk: MONTAGE OS v3.5 Pattern Sequencer

HaPe and Blake explored the updates to the Performance Pattern Sequencer.

Behind the Synth: Gary Leuenberger Synth Chat

Check out this chat with one of the original FM programmers!

MONTAGE/MODX SynthTips: Quick Beat Making with the Pattern Sequencer

You can create drum loops quickly and easily with the MONTAGE and MODX Performance Pattern Sequencer.

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