Nick Semrad Artist Notes: The Importance of Soloing

Check out the first installment of a new series from Nick Semrad.

Behind the Synth: Howard Massey Chat

Blake and Nate chat with noted author, Howard Massey. 

Tech Talk: The MONTAGE/MODX A/D Input

Check out the Tech Talks on the MONTAGE/MODX A/D Input.

Mastering YC: Effects

An overview of YC61 effects and creative ways to use them.

Tech Talk: MONTAGE/MODX Effects for Synthesis

Check out our Tech Talks on MONTAGE/MODX Effects for Synthesis in Three Languages!

Tech Talk: MONTAGE/MODX Effects for Playing Live

On these Tech Talks we looked at different ways to use effects during live performance in German, English and Spanish!

FM Synthesis Collection: FM 101 Article Series

FM Synthesis: The history behind it, how it works and how to make it work for you.

SynthBits: FM Synthesis Video by madFame

Check out this great video from madFame!

YC61: Review Roundup

You know we're YC fans, but check out what the reviews say. 

FM 101, Part Five: Expanding Your Sound

Howard Massey's FM 101 series continues with more excellent FM programming tips using multiple operators.

FM 101, Part Six: Complex Systems

Howard Massey's FM 101 series concludes with a look at parallel modulators, parallel carriers and modulator cascades.

Tech Talk: MONTAGE/MODX Effects Overview

Our first look at the effects in MONTAGE and MODX in new series on the onboard effects. 

Behind the Synth: Will Wells Chat

In this episode, Blake and Nate chat with Yamaha artist, Will Wells.

Tech Talk: CP OS v1.4

Check out the Tech Talk Replays on CP OS v1.4 in five languages!

Introducing CP OS v1.4

New character-rich pianos, pads, strings, synths and more!

SynthBits: Martin Kropa Krystof CP73 Performances

Check out the videos from Czech Keyboardist and Sound Designer Martin Kropa Kryštof.

Tech Talk: CP73/88 DAW and IOS Connectivity

An Overview of CP73/88 DAW and iOS connectivity

Tech Talk: CP/MODX MIDI Connectivity

MIDI Connectivity with CP73/88 and MODX.

SynthBits: SonicState YC61 Sound Demo

Check out this sounds-only demo of the YC61 from Sonicstate. 

FM 101, Part Four: Going from Static to Dynamic

Part Four of FM 101 explores how sounds change over time.

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